Donors Put Mobile Cancer-Screening Coach on the Road


The new mobile medical coach will travel throughout Bassett Healthcare Network's eight-county region.

Thanks to generous gifts from many donors, Bassett's new mobile cancer-screening coach is on the road, bringing life-saving cancer screening services to rural patients all across our 5,600-square-mile region. The new coach is equipped with advanced diagnostic technology to take screening tests right to patients where they live, so that even patients living in very rural locations will have access to screening services. 

Bassett developed its cancer-screening outreach program for patients who have difficulty traveling to medical centers. The outreach provided by the mobile medical coach is part of Bassett's "work toward reducing cancer deaths" said family nurse practitioner, Valerie Maddalone, who provides clinical services on the medical coach. 

The coach will offer fully digital mammograms to thousands of patients each year, and all tests performed on the coach will become part of patients' electronic medical records, so the tests will be easily available at any Bassett Healthcare Network location for any needed follow-up care.

In addition to space and equipment for performing mammograms, the coach contains an examination room, where staff perform other types of cancer screenings, including Pap tests, and distribute colorectal screening kits along with educational materials. All patients who come to the coach are seen by qualified providers and are screened regardless of their ability to pay. 

Support from donors helped Bassett to provide essential health care to many patients with its previous mobile medical coach, including 11,044 mammograms (1,864 of which were performed for women who lacked insurance or were underinsured); these tests resulted in 803 referrals for follow-up exams, during which 35 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed. More than 1,500 Pap and pelvic exams were also performed on the coach; these led to 107 referrals for follow-up care and 10 diagnoses of cervical cancer.

The coach offers screenings to men as well as women. Bassett's previous coach distributed 692 colorectal screening kits to men and women and recommended that 77 individuals pursue additional care. 

Christine Conklin, manager of community outreach for Bassett's cancer center, emphasized that "Bassett wants to prevent, as much as possible, the emotional and physical toll a cancer diagnosis can take on patients and their families." Because early diagnosis gives patients the most choices for treatment, the mobile medical coach is a great resource for many rural patients.

Thank you to all donors who helped Bassett to put the new coach on the road. To learn when it will be near you, call (607) 547-4830. To help the coach continue traveling to rural communities, call the Friends at (607) 547-3928,or make a donation online



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