Fieldstone Fund Assists Bassett Employees in Financial Need

the bloomberg family: angela, Will, and hunter.

Angela Bloomberg has worked at Bassett for years now. She and her husband Will are the happy parents of a six-year-old son named Hunter. Hunter has brought a lot of joy into the Bloomberg’s Norwich home, but also many challenges, because he has a medical condition that renders him completely non-verbal.

Hunter needs extra attention and special care. To provide that care, Will left his job. 

In a one-income home, providing all the services that Hunter needs, as well as putting food on the table, fuel in the car, and heat for their house was a struggle. At one point, the Bloombergs got behind on their bills and feared they might have their power turned off. 

Angela suffers from sleep apnea and cannot rest without a CPAP machine. “If the power had been shut off, I don’t know what I would have done,” she said.

Ronette Wiley, executive vice president and COO of Bassett Medical Center, suggested that Angela apply to the Fieldstone Assistance Fund for help. She did so immediately, and “It was a tremendous help. It helped us to get caught up.” The power stayed on, and the family got to stay in their home.

Angela Bloomberg is enormously grateful for the assistance provided by the fund. She is careful with money, carpools to work, and is sending her son to a different, special-needs school now where he is doing better.

The family does not anticipate needing more help, but they want others to know about the Fieldstone Assistance Fund, because it was so important to them when they really needed it. 

The Fieldstone Assistance Fund was created to help employees of Bassett Medical Center who experience a financial hardship or crisis and need immediate help. To learn more about receiving assistance, contact Human Resources at (607) 547-3120. To make a gift to the fund, call the Friends at (607) 547-3928, email us at, or make a gift online. Thank you!

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