Funds Help Cancer Patients Pay for Treatment

Many patients who receive a cancer diagnosis are surprised--first that they have cancer, and then by how much their treatments may cost. Insurance helps with these costs but does not pay for everything, as many patients learn. 

A central mission of Bassett Medical Center is to provide compassionate care to all who need it, regardless of ability to pay. At Bassett's cancer center, generous donors have created funds to assist patients in financial need. 

One of those funds is the Bob Simon and Loretta Anagnost Fund. It helped a patient named Tom purchase medications he needed during chemotherapy. Tom is retired, and some of those medications are very costly.

Another fund comes from the Saint Agatha Foundation. It assisted a patient named Maureen with co-payments required during radiation treatments for breast cancer. A single day of radiation can cost several thousand dollars. 

Both of these patients are doing well today, thanks to the care they received and also to the gifts from donors who helped them to access that care.

Many studies of cancer patients show that a positive attitude and a support system helps patients to heal more quickly and more thoroughly. As Tom continues treatment, he maintains a very positive outlook, enjoying the outdoors as much as possible and also enjoying the days he spends with his grandson. 

Maureen is done with treatment for now, but she remembers and appreciates the van rides that Bassett provided to carry her to and from treatments. That is also a service that donors gift to patients, and it makes an enormous difference in their lives. "Without those rides, I don't know what we would have done," said Maureen.

If you want to help patients like Tom and Maureen, you can make a donation to funds at the cancer center by calling the Friends at (607) 547-3928. You can also make a donation online



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