Gladys Brooks Foundation Grant Helps to Rebuild Patio at O'Connor Hospital 

Judy Sidorowicz and barbara green, staff at o'connor hospital, are enjoying the newly completed patio.

A major gift from the Gladys Brooks Foundation, a supporter of nonprofit libraries, educational institutions, hospitals, and clinics, recently helped O'Connor Hospital to rebuild a patio floor that was raising safety concerns. Winter weather caused cement areas of the floor to heave, creating an uneven surface that presented a potential tripping hazard.

The patio receives a great deal of use: O'Connor's activities director leads nearly 100 patients in therapeutic gardening activities that take place on the patio. 

Patients, staff, and visitors use the patio daily for therapy, relaxation, and recreation. Walkways along the patio form the only thoroughfare between two buildings on the O'Connor Hospital campus, so this space is used often to move carts and supplies.  

Many of O'Connor's 13,000 annual patients use the area for relaxation, and staff also take advantage of the space during their meal and break times.

The generous grant from the Gladys Brooks Foundation enabled O'Connor Hospital to replace the patio floor.

Work on the patio has just been completed. Employees, patients, and their families are looking forward to returning to a renovated, improved patio, thanks to the foundation's generosity. 


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