Grateful Patient Thanks OT for Renewed Hope

christine fitch  in the t-shirt she wears to honor her occupational therapist, Helen Russell-tari, whom she sees at O'connor Hospital in Delhi 

We recently received a letter from a patient, Christine Fitch, who wanted us to know how grateful she is for the care she receives at O'Connor Hospital. Two years ago, Fitch, a licensed social worker and Army veteran, suffered a traumatic brain injury after sustaining multiple concussions. The results of this brain injury were devastating. 

As she put it, "I lost everything: my career, my income, my dignity, and my sense of purpose." 

After seeking care from multiple health care providers without experiencing much relief from her symptoms, Fitch became involved with the Brain Injury Association of New York State. Early last year, the Facts Coordinator there recommended that she see Helen Russell-Tari, an occupational therapist at O'Connor Hospital who specializes in the treatment of patients with concussions and other brain injuries. 

Occupational therapists help patients who have sustained injuries or survived illness cope with conditions that may limit their abilities and learn to regain independence. Bassett Healthcare Network offers occupational therapy services at many locations.

Occupational therapists who work with patients who have had concussions or traumatic brain injuries have specialized training in techniques such as vision therapy, vestibular therapy, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release. After working with Russell-Tari for an extended period, Fitch now reports, "my quality of life is greatly improved." She has noticed a decrease in migraine headaches and improvements in her speech and balance since she started occupational therapy. Most impressive is the fact that she is now preparing to return to work.

If you are inspired by Christine Fitch's story and want to support the great work of rehabilitation through occupational therapy, please contact the Friends of Bassett at (607) 547-3928 or make a donation online. Thank you!


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