Anush Patel, M.D., Chosen as Streck Fellow for 2017

Dr. anush patel

Dr. Anush Patel, Bassett's chief of hematology and medical oncology, is the winner of this year's Streck Fellowship in Health Policy and Management. The followship was established in 2015 to honor former Bassett president and CEO Dr. William F. Streck and to enable Bassett managers and directors to pursue educational opportunities that enlarge their views on management and policy. Fellows travel to conferences and engage in projects that allow them to return to Bassett with insights and ideas that they share with colleagues and use to help shape network policy.

Dr. Patel has an interesting perspective on the medical community here and on the situation of health care in general. He returned to Cooperstown after being trained here. During his training he observed a culture of mutual respect among caregivers who listened to and acknowledged the worth of their colleagues and their patients; this was made possible by the continuity of care, the small size of the community, and the habit of helping each other that prevailed at the hospital. 

Health care is under a great deal of pressure to change rapidly, Dr. Patel notes, and he is concerned that this culture is under threat. With his Streck Fellowship, he wants to study ways to facilitate communication between administrators and clinicians in order to develop new, effective strategies for building trust and making people feel valued for the work they do. He wants to build a program that will lead to a healthy work environment and better patient care, two outcomes that are important to everyone who visits the hospital and everyone who works there. 

The first step toward this goal is to attend a conference about clinicians working together with administrators. Dr. Patel will wait to attend the session until he can go with the new director of the cancer center. A search for a new director is now underway. 

Once a new director is chosen, he will work with that person to create a model program that other health care departments can adopt and adapt to help them bridge the perceived gap between administrators and clinical staff. He hopes to create more transparent avenues of communication that will allow for adjustments in financial need, academic needs, and pursuit of personal goals. Ultimately, Dr. Patel wants to foster positive changes that will acknowledge the hard work that caregivers are doing and help them to feel more valued. 

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