When You Give...

Your name will be published in our Annual Report. It's just one of the ways we recognize the value of your support. Your gifts help our patients every day. Each time you give, you help a caregiver to heal a hurting child and a nurse to bring a chemotherapy patient comfort. Your donations help us to provide compassionate care to thousands of patients each year. Every dollar you give makes a difference, and all of your gifts help to save lives. 

If you give $1,000 or more, we recognize your gift in our Annual Report as part of the President's Forum, the Leadership Circle, the Chairman's Circle, the Founder's Society, or the Patron Society. We invite you to celebrate your giving by attending special events that will help you to understand the impact of your support. Whether you attend these events or not, the entire amount of your gift will be given to support the program of your choice. If you choose to attend, the tax deductible portion of your gift may be reduced. See below for details.  

Patron Society - $25,000+
$315 per person non-tax deductible

  • A personal lunch with Dr. Vance M. Brown, president and CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network.
  • All benefits listed below.

Founder’s Circle - $10,000
$250 per person non-tax deductible

  • All benefits listed below.

Chairman’s Circle - $5,000
$250 per person non-tax deductible

  • Invitation to our exclusive annual dinner event with Bassett Healthcare Network CEO Dr. Vance M. Brown.
  • All benefits listed below.

Leadership Circle - $2,500
$135 per person non-tax deductible

  • All benefits listed below.

President’s Forum - $1,000
$135 per person non-tax deductible

  • Invitation to two President’s Forum Breakfasts annually. Each Breakfast features an interesting presentation by a Bassett leader about the network or health care topics.
  • Invitation to the annual President's Forum Reception at Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.
  • All benefits listed below.

If you send a gift, you are helping to save lives, and helping to support compassionate care for everyone in our community. We thank you by sending you:

  • Our bi-annual newsletter, Friends & Partners
  • A copy of the Friends of Bassett Annual Report
  • Our sincere appreciation for helping to bring excellent health care to all members of our region.

Corporate sponsors also receive benefits; please visit our Become a Sponsor page to learn more.

Donors who make a planned gift join our Cupola Society and enjoy special recognition.

Make your gift today and become part of the Friends of Bassett community.

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