Employee Giving

If you work at Bassett Healthcare Network, thank you for all you do! Your effort and careful attention make a difference to each patient's experience. Because of the care you take in your work, Bassett has earned a great reputation for providing excellent care, close to home. 

If you're ready to take that extra step and support the mission, you can make a gift. Many of your co-workers do. You know how important it is, because you see firsthand the importance of their gifts and the impact they have on patients. 

Bassett Healthcare Network employees and their families participated in a run to support the Women's Imaging Center CampaignWhen it comes to giving, you have power! 

Did you know that every time you give a gift, you encourage more giving, from your fellow employees and also from corporations, foundations, patients, and friends? It's true.  

Besides, Bassett employees have special ways to give: 

If you are a Bassett Healthcare Network employee, you can sign up for a monthly payroll deduction donation. It’s easy! Just four dollars a pay period equals a $100 annual gift. Could you do $40 a pay period? That's $1,000 a year, and that means we'll honor you with a membership in our President’s Forum. Visit our When You Give page to learn more. And thank you!

Make your gift today and become part of the Friends of Bassett community.

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