If anything brought home the value of a disease-free environment, it was the pandemic. The importance of being able to sterilize areas within the hospital quickly, for patient safety, rose to the top of mind.

Bassett Healthcare Network uses ultraviolet light disinfection technology to rapidly and effectively eliminate pathogens in the clinical space. Now, in order to cover more areas with this essential equipment, the Friends of Bassett is raising funds from the community to support the purchase of four more UV sterilizers.

Bringing more equipment on line throughout the Network will ensure quicker turnaround times for operating suites, patient rooms, and recovery areas, freeing up time for our practitioners to care for more members of our community.

You can help bring additional UV sterilizers to our hospitals by supporting this campaign.  To make a donation or find out more, contact the Friends of Bassett at friends.office@bassett.org or call (607) 547-3928. Thank you!