In mid-September of 2020, Horace “Glenn” Lee, who spent weeks in Bassett Medical Center’s intensive care unit fighting COVID-19 last spring and then additional weeks in rehabilitation at O’Connor Hospital in Delhi, returned to thank the doctors and nurses who saved his life.

Mr. Lee not only benefited from the care that is supported by Friends of Bassett—he was so moved by the experience that he decided to become a donor himself.

“One thing that struck me as I regained consciousness and slowly recovered was the passage of time,” recalled Mr. Lee, a 69-year old contemporary artist from Delhi. “I saw rain, snow, sunshine and trees budding; it was like a whole season of life that passed before my eyes through the hospital windows.

“When I was finally discharged, large groups of doctors and nurses lined the halls applauding me as I left to go to rehabilitation therapy in Delhi,” remembered Mr. Lee. “I couldn’t help but think it was me who should be applauding them and that’s how I came to the decision to donate my Four Seasons art. I thought, ‘these are people who will understand my paintings and knowing the story behind the art will give them hope.”’