The Bassett <span>Community</span>

The Bassett Community

How did Bassett grow into a network? Through the strength and commitment of its community.

Friends of Bassett Healthcare Network

All five hospitals in Bassett Healthcare Network have roots deep in the community.

O’Connor Hospital in Delhi, Cobleskill Regional Hospital in Cobleskill, A. O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta, Little Falls Hospital in Little Falls, and Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown all were started because communities advocated for local health care and supported it through philanthropy.

Bassett Healthcare Network itself is named in honor of a physician who devoted herself generously for many years to the sick and unfortunate of Cooperstown and the surrounding region. The hospital's first physician-in-chief, Dr. Mary Imogene Bassett, died in 1922 but is still remembered as a wise and skillful physician as well as a devoted and unselfish friend.

Just as generations of patients and families have passed through Bassett's front doors, so have generations of dedicated employees, health care professionals, and other supporters whose compassion and caring will long be remembered. These individuals have always been the heart and soul of Bassett and will continue to distinguish Bassett as a health care tradition for many generations to come.

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The Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing philanthropic support for Bassett Healthcare Network.